Top 5 Questions To Ask When Deciding To Hire For SEO

When looking to increase traffic. Search Optimization is an important part of the process. Interiview with Ryan Bent over at Top Box who specializes in web marketing services for  SEO Plano and SEO Dallas texas has answers to the top questions to ask.

1. Can I have a list of your past and present clients?

It’s a good idea to find out your prospects past clients and present clients they are working with. They may not disclose their current position for certain keywords, but you can do your homework and get an idea.

2. What kind of strategies will you use to improve your rankings?

Most reputable SEO companies will disclose what kind of methods they will use, if they mention proprietary be cautious they might be using black hat tactics” say’s Ryan owner of Topbox. He also mentions make sure that they do a technical review of your website. Making sure to look for clean code and broken links.

3. Will you follow Google’s webmaster guidelines?

Some SEO’s will use tactics like explained in the previous question. Spammy links or hidden keyword text. This can get you penalized in the keywords your trying to rank for, or even worse get you de-indexed in google’s search results.

4. Can you guarantee #1 position for google in search terms?

If they answer yes, “take off the other direction” says Bent. Assuring number one spot should throw up red flags that your SEO guy is for sure use black-hat tactics to increase rankings. Reputable companies can’t guarantee you’ll reach number one, but can assure you will see an increase in traffic from search engine results

5. Do you have experience in local SEO?

Ask your consultant if they understand about increasing your ranking in local searches.They should understand about placing your company address in the title and meta tags. Knowing how to properly cite your information on directory websites like google my business and yellow pages.

More detail can and should be gone into hiring the proper consultant. Making a wrong decision can briefly or permanently ruin your search rankings, so it is important to make the right choice. Hopefully this gets the ball rolling for you in your search engine endeavors.


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