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The beautiful stylists at the new Sport Clips located on West 19th Street are extremely talented hairdressers! It is a brand new Sport Clips location but the girls have been handpicked to work there because of their expertise in cutting and styling hair.

They specialize in men and boy’s haircuts. Our Guy smart Stylists know the hottest new hair styles this year. Below are some recommendations our stylists love to cut!

If you are looking for clean and sophisticated, we recommend ‘The James Bond’ only if your hair is straight, and fine to medium not curly and thick!

Feeling crazy? Then try “The Modified Skrillex” only if your is medium to thick, wavy to straight. Not extreme texture or curl!

The style that is always in is the “The Ceasar” because of its low maintenance. Go for it if our hair is straight to wavy, fine to thick, not if your hair is very textured!

Trying to look like a movie star of your own? Do “The James Dean”, your hair needs to be wavy to curly, medium to thick. Do not try it if your hair is very fine or very straight.

The hairstyle that has made a pretty big comeback is “The Prohibition High-and-Tight” with lots of trendy. Be a part of the comeback if your hair is straight to fine, medium, or thick. Steer clear if hair is wavy or curly!


mad men style haircut

Now probably the most popular at the moment – “The Mainstream Hipster” Any age man can pull this off. It’s the biggest attention getter with an edge. Why not try it if your hair is straight to wavy, fine to medium. A no-no, if your hair is very thick or very curly! Take a look at other options here http://haircutmenheightsmarketplacehoustontx.com/about-sport-clips.html

Some come by the store at 444 W. 19th Street and meet our amazing stylists and try out the best hair cutting barbershop in Houston! They will give you the best haircut along with the best customer service. A true MVP experience! Visit here for more info http://haircutmenheightsmarketplacehoustontx.com


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