Funny Videos Under a Minute

Entertainment on the web has become more active than ever with more and more internet users accessing the web through mobile devices, like when you’re standing in line at Starbucks or sitting patiently to meet up with friends.  There is nothing better than passing time browsing freely through various websites that provide hours of entertainment.  Like Facebook or twitter where you can spend hours of time scrolling through the newsfeed or twitter feed to see what everyone is up to.

Now with websites like YouTube and Vimeo that carry a seemingly infinite library of videos to search for on all kinds of topics, it has now become increasingly easy to pass the time or waste time, however you wish to view it.  You can sit through millions of videos watching things from funny cat videos and insane stunts to informative video tutorials on an just about any subjects you want. If you’re having a bad day and need to get your mind off of things and get a get a good laugh, internet videos can do the trick. But sometimes you only has a couple of minutes between a tasks and need your entertainment fix. What do you do then?  Funny Videos under a minute is what you need and Video Dig, a fresh new site that provides the exact solution with great quality video content under a minute to entertain you and not take up tons of time on long drawn-out overly exaggerated content that takes up previous time and more importantly your battery life!

Videodig has a variety of videos for any kind of content a you’re looking for. Whether it’s funny videos, animal videos, amazing action videos, cute funny kid videos or just seeing people simply fail at something they are trying to achieve. Videodig provides massive amounts of hilarious videos to satisfy your comedic needs. If you are wanting to watch a girl walk cautiously slow on some ice just to fall down. Or watch a police officer singing Taylor Swift in their squad car. And even an old grandmother stealing the show in a hip hop dance off, Videodig will have the videos for all of your online video entertaining needs. Here’s a great example:


Girl Does Flips Makes Dolphin in Aquarium Laugh |




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