Becoming Independent From The Corporate Slave

Tired of the run of the mill, day to day operations of the from the slaving cubicles of the corporate life. Take a deep breath and look into yourself it might be time for a change. Question is… Are you ready? Or What else are you going to do? Millions of viewers watch the Friday night hit Shark Tank. Hundreds of entrepreneur┬áline to pitch their idea. First thing comes to mind when interviewed is they wanted to get away from working the typical 9-5 job.

These days the safe luxury of having the “Corporate job” is not so safe, with lay-offs creeping in all business sectors sometimes the risk of being out on your own is greatly rewarded with other options. Getting started on with your own ideas can be a daunting task if you don’t know what your doing. There numerous options out there. Are you wanting to go into the service industry, tech industry.

Learning a new skill is much more convenient than was 20 years ago. With access to web you can just about anything these days. Look into computer programming for example. Websites like with teach computer programming languages such as html, javascript and even coding languages like python google’s every impressive search engine was built upon.

If computer programming is not your forte, There is a wonderful sight that has hundreds of courses from marketing to all the to photography. With the age of technology information is just one click away. So in closing if your wanting to get away from your “safe” job and venture out and try something new. Take a look at these options or many others and allow the only thing to hold you back is your drive and imagination to chase the dreams you are trying to achieve for yourself. Go forward and move on. Excel




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